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[Joint Statement] Concerning China’s judicial injustice ; Protestingthe numbness of Taiwan government

Joint Statement by
Amnesty International Taiwan, Cross-Strait Agreement Watch Alliance, Taiwan Alliance to End Death Penalty and Taiwan Association for Human Rights

On June 23, 2011, Amnesty International (AI) launched an urgent action to prevent the execution of two men – one of them a Taiwanese citizen, Lien Sung-ching – who are currently facing a death sentence in mainland China. With specific regard to the case, AI particularly pointed out the significant flaws in the judicial process and the controversial methods used to authenticate evidence

Limiting the misuse of credit data

本文原為2011年5月10日,本會投書蘋果日報"應立法規範個資大怪獸—聯合徵信中心"一文,後經同意英文台北時報翻譯後,登載在2011年5月16日Taipei Times

By Lai Chung-chiang and Chiu E-ling 賴中強,邱伊翎
(Lai Chung-chiang is deputy president of the Taiwan Association for Human Rights. Chiu E-ling is the director of media and publication for the association.)


ADPAN welcomes “not guilty” verdict in “Hsichih Trio” case

Taiwan – ADPAN welcomes “not guilty” verdict in “Hsichih Trio” case

ADPAN, the Asia-Pacific network which campaigns for the abolition of the death penalty welcomes the important decision to acquit the “Hsichih Trio”. The Taiwan High Court found Su Chien-ho, Liu Bing-lang and Chuang Lin-hsun not guilty on 12 November.