international solidarity

International Human Rights Day

International Human Rights Day was marked in Taipei by a march against the political killings in the Philippines. Some seventy overseas Filipinos and Taiwanese friends staged the mass action in the Chung Shan North Road area, where most Filipinos in Taipei are found during Sundays.
Shouting Stop the killings and uphold human rights in the Philippines, the marchers stopped three times to encourage migrant workers they passed by to place stickers on a plain Philippine map. This symbolized their intent that such killings would not occur in their home provinces back home.


This is a campaign launched by Amnesty International to highlight on the many different ways that the freedom to use the net is limited by governments. Around the globe net cafes are being closed down, home PCs are being confiscated, chat in discussion forums is being watched and blogs are being censored or removed.

"The internet has become a new frontier in the struggle for human rights," said Kate Allen, UK director of Amnesty International.

[TAHR] Network News -- May

A magnificent Rome was not built in one day, and it would take more than one day to destroy a vicious Rome. During the process of democratization, Taiwan has never looked back to identify the root causes for violence or provided transitional justice initiatives. Up-to-date, numerous policies, laws, culture myth and value are still shadowed by Martial Law, waiting in the dark corners of society for the chance to resume lost power. They linger in the sub-consciousness of our bureaucrats and citizens or even blatantly appear in the form of present laws.

March for Tibet

On March 10, 2006, the 47th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day, TAHR joined the march against China's occupation force and political persecution in Tibet. Apart from the Tibetans living in Taiwan, many Taiwanese people and groups participated as well. With banners, signs and rhythmic chanting, over 100 people walked and made their voice heard in the streets of Taipei. Please see HERE for details.