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Taiwan must not go back to death road

Taiwan must not go back to death road
Taiwan News, Page 9
2010-03-12 12:00 AM

President Ma Ying-jeou has again displayed his lack of political leadership and courage by failing to stand up for Justice Minister Wang Ching-feng, a long time advocate of the abolishment of the death penalty, now that she has come under severe pressure for her firm stance not to implement death sentences.

It’s a dilemma for all

It’s a dilemma for the Minister of Justice, and it’s a dilemma for all
Statement / Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty / March 12, 2010

'I never blamed those who claim their support for the death penalty in public. It’s a moral choice to stand for or against the death penalty and the choice belongs to one’s conscience. What bothers me is that, an intellectual, a self-proclaimed abolitionist is content to retain the death penalty, just because the public poll and opinion are for it.'
~ A public letter to Minister of Justice of the France, Robert Badinter, 1977

Ministry of Justice seeks to ban death penalty

Ministry of Justice seeks to ban death penalty
Publication Date:02/02/2010

Taiwan’s government is working to remove the death penalty from the country’s statute books but there is no timetable for achieving this goal, according to Minister of Justice Wang Ching-feng Feb. 1.

“Abolishing capital punishment is an MOJ policy,” Wang said, adding that this could only be accomplished after society-wide consensus has been reached.