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The Trail of Hsichih Trio -- Open Discussion!

To all that care about the Trial of Hsichih Trio, please come to the open discussion hosts by the Team of Redressing the Trail of Hsichih Trio at 2:00 pm, Sunday July 8, 2007, at Eslite Bookstore (Dun-Nan Store) B2 Media Center , to seat with Professor Lee Mao-Sheng (National Taiwan University Law School), Pro bono Sue Yo-Cheng, and legal medical expert Wu Mu-Zon to analyze the High Court’s verdict on the trial together, unmasking the craft behind the problematic judgment.

Imminent Execution: Chong Deshu (鍾德樹)

Amnesty International has just learnt that Chong Deshu is at risk of imminent execution in Taiwan. His execution order was reportedly signed by the Minister of Justice on 1 December 2006. This is particularly regrettable given that the Taiwan's Minister of Justice, Shih Mao-Lin, appears to have signed the execution order just weeks after sending a letter to Amnesty International last month in which he promised to “give serious thought to [Amnesty International’s] suggestion not to carry out any executions over the coming months.”

Invitation Light up a Life – Praying for a Society Without Death Penalty

Light up a Life – Praying for a Society Without Death Penalty

Four years ago, the Lin brothers from Kaohsiung slaughtered their neighbors leaving one man dead and the other severely injured. They were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court last year. Monday night (12/26), right after Christmas, news of the Lin brothers’ execution arrived, and their family did not receive any notice before the brothers were executed.