death penalty

World Day Against Death Penalty

Double Tenth Day is our National Day and meanwhile the World Day Against Death Penalty. After Amnesty International and tens of other international human rights groups formed World Coalition Against the Death Penalty in May 2002, they have decided to make October 10 the World Day Against Death Penalty, entreating the countries that have not yet abolished the death penalty to undertake action in terminating the death penalty. In recent years, Taiwan government has repeatedly declared to list the eradication of death penalty as one of its primary political goals.

Japan Hanging on to Death Penalty

HRF/75/03  Embargoed for 23 April 2003

JAPAN is one of only two industrialized democracies that use the death penalty Currently, there are 57 people on death row waiting to be executed, and approximately an additional 50 inmates whose death sentences are still under appeal. Japan's death penalty practice has been called "inconsistent with the [ICCPR]" by the UN Human Right Committee, "a violation of the most fundamental human rights" by the Council of Europe, and tantamount to torture and cruel punishment by numerous independent observers.