NHRI and UN HR conventions

A Mission That Doesn’t Alter

From 1999 to 2006, from an Alliance for the Promotion of a NHRC to nothing, Taiwanese people and civil society witnessed the fail of one promising party which vowed to set up a National Human Rights Commission(NHRC). The Democratic Progressive Party turned out to be feeble when faced with criticism and self-contradictory when asked to follow the Paris Principles. The first party alteration didn’t seem to move human rights work as much forward as everyone expected.

Rights groups hail ratification of UN pacts

Human rights groups yesterday welcomed the legislature’s ratification of two UN human rights conventions on Tuesday — 42 years after their signing — and called on the government to turn the treaties into national policy.

“The Taiwan Association for Human Rights welcomes the ratification of the two important international treaties on human rights,” association secretary-general Tsai Chi-hsun (蔡季勳) said, adding that the ratification was a milestone in the campaign to improve human rights protection.